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Workready Head Agreement

Workready Head Agreement

A wage subsidy contract consists of a head agreement with individual schedules, which are attached for each new employee. Paid trials may be part of a wage subsidy agreement, with the exception of those funded by the Employment Fund. Our “How To” guide shows you how easy it is to manage a wage subsidy contract: all wage subsidy contracts expire on June 30, 2020. Approved schedules related to these head agreements are continued without change until their end date. All wage subsidy plans approved from July 1, 2020 use a new head agreement and require your approval. In 2017/18, the government debauched approximately $187 million from FAS to support some 50,000 apprentices, apprentices, pre-apprentices, pre-apprentices and job initiations. These projects were funded prior to the launch of the SAF National Partnership Agreement (FSA). See the 2017-18 Projects fact sheet for more information. You can also view the current Subsidized Training List (STL) online at skills – Employment ( The current LTS can be accessed online – student/participant number and participation agreement If you commit to a publicly funded course, you will receive a participant number (before July 1, 2015, it has been called “Skills for All Students”). Without it, you cannot access publicly funded training. Give models and instructions for project presentation and reporting. These courses are provided as part of an internship or apprenticeship An apprentice with an approved training contract, including school training contracts, may enrol in this course.

For more information, see training contracts and training plans. If your organization trains apprentices, you also need access to ATLAS to submit, consult and modify training plans. In order to support the development of the roadmap for the reform of COAG`s vocational training in favour of a reactive, dynamic and trustworthy vocational training sector, the Qualifications Ministers agreed to immediately accelerate four basic work. One of these concerns the use of micro-qualifications in the national vocational training system to better meet the needs of students and jobs, while preserving the importance of comprehensive qualifications recognised at national level. JobTrainer will provide job seekers and 17-24 year olds with free vocational training, including full qualifications, pre-apprenticeship courses and short online courses. Do you study at the end of grade 12 in an alternative program? Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent, industry-funded body that supports employers, workers, apprentices and job seekers in the construction and construction sectors. CSQ annually orders the services of RTOs to provide the contractual programs described in our annual training program. The acquisition of RTO services is carried out through a competitive purchasing strategy, based on an annual tendering process through an online tendering body. Call the Infoline on 1800 506 266 for more information: By discussing this information before registration, your training provider will be able to work with you to determine what is needed to achieve your training goals and record strategies in a learning and support plan.

For more information, visit the Registered Training Organizations page. Requests can be emailed to Skills Canberra. The government allocated funds to FAS between 2017 and 2021/22. With appropriate state and territory funding, FAS will increase the number of apprentices to support Australia`s future productivity, employment and growth.


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