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What Is Market Data Display Agreements

What Is Market Data Display Agreements

Market data generally relates to real-time or deferred price offers. The term also contains static or reference data, that is, any type of data related to securities that do not change in real time. The use of non-display information is defined as access, processing or use of LuxSE data, whether or not it is related to other use of the data, for purposes other than to support its display or dissemination, including, but not limited, for the following use: While price data generally comes from the exchange, reference data generally comes from the issuer. Before investors and traders receive price reference data or updates, financial data providers can reformat, organize and correct apparent outliers due to data flows or other real-time collection errors. [3] You are a member of the trade who wants real-time market data from an extranet service provider (ESP) or an application service provider (ASP). A typical use can be a feed-handler solution. Applications (sources) receive data from a particular stream and establish a connection with a server (Authority) that accepts customer connections (targets) and redistributes data. If a customer (target) wants to subscribe to an instrument (to open an instrument), it sends a request to the server (Authority) and if the server does not have the information in its cache, it transmits the requirement to the source or sources. Each time a server (Authority) receives updates for an instrument, it sends them to all customers (targets) that have been subscribed. Latency is the delay in providing real-time data, i.e. the lower the latency, the faster the speed of data transmission.

Processing large amounts of data with minimal delay is low latency. Since 2010, data transmission has increased dramatically, with the “low” latency delivery resulting in delivery of less than 1 millisecond. Competition for low-latency data has intensified with increased algorithmic and high-frequency exchanges and the need for competitive business performance.


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