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They Noticed Him The Agreement

They Noticed Him The Agreement

After the dicso, we made an appointment the following weekend. The next Saturday we left for a hamburger and had a real laugh. After that, he took me back to my street and kissed me good night. It went really well. We see each other several times a week, but I had to lie to my parents about where I go and with whom. I always have to deal with them, but I know that if she found out how Tom was, they would stop me from seeing him. Now I really don`t know what to do. I can`t lie to my parents every time I go out, and the sound keeps asking me that he can`t come to my house. I`m really worried and I need some advice. My name is Mandi.

Three months ago, I went to a disco, where I met a boy named Tom. I thought he was older than me, but I liked him and I thought it didn`t matter. We danced a few times, then we chatted. He said he was 18 and asked how old I was. I told him I was 16. I thought if I told him my true age, he wouldn`t know me, since I`m only 13. 1.At school she________close friendship with several other girls. 25) I`m sure (A) he can`t run (B) (C) a mile in (D) four minutes. 8.I________my friend, refused me his caravan for my trip to the country 3.John refused the ice to________his the kids go to the concert 43) Man / window / 5 / I/ minutes / jump / the / seen a/ before 9.You would________go by plane like spending a week by train 23) I could not (A) throw my car (B) (C) this morning (D). 10) It is a …. Nobody, because he`s always nice to everyone.

11) If you want to get a good result in any job, you should have one…. 44) me/ to/ with/ in/ They/ Florida/ invited/ stay/ stay/ them H`y luén nh`c`m`m`vo 5`u u tr`l`i h`u`ch`ch nhé! Gié thech: d`ch:h`nh`n ra anh ta `ang ke h`p`ng thỏa thu`n 7.He________me to buy my plane ticket immediately or it would be too late 27) I`m glad (A) to hear (B) that you (C) have made a lot of progress in (D) your study. Héy gi`p i ng`i bi`t l`n`y y th`neo? 2.Children seem to work in silence totally________of 42) to/ 8.00/ for/ It`s/ be/ before/ impossible/ me/ there III. Put the verbs in parentheses in the right shape. 45) Hair / Friend / My / a / face / and / black / / oval D. Do not worry. I`m sure Tom will change his mind.


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