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Partnership Agreement Bulgaria Eu

Partnership Agreement Bulgaria Eu

As far as road infrastructure is concerned, by 2027, a 100% high-speed connection between municipal centres and the development of port and airport infrastructure through public-private partnerships are needed. The completion of the Hemus motorway is of great importance for the economic growth of northern Bulgaria and for the entire transport industry, the project says. Revenues from road charges will continue to be invested in the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. In this context, the revenue generated by the introduction of tolls for HGVs will contribute to the completion of the main trans-European road network in Bulgaria. 1. The parties recognize that regional integration is an integral part of their partnership and an effective instrument for achieving the objectives of this agreement. More favourable treatment by free trade agreements 1. With regard to the issues under this chapter, the EC party gives the Cariforum States more favourable treatment, under the entry into force of a free trade agreement with third parties by the EC after the signing of this agreement. 6. Such an agreement is consistent with the relevant provisions of the WTO agreement, including Article VII of the GATS.

1. The parties reaffirm that the principles of sustainable management of natural resources and the environment must be applied and integrated at all levels of their partnership as part of their priority commitment to sustainable development, in accordance with Articles 1 and 2 of the Cotonou Agreement. 2. Unless agreed between the parties within a fortnight of the date of the mediation application agreement, the chair of the CARIFORUM-CE “Trade and Development” committee or its delegate selects by lottery a mediator from those on the Article 221 list who are not nationals of one of the parties. The selection is made within twenty-five days from the date of the filing of the mediation application agreement and in the presence of a representative of each party. The mediator will convene a meeting with the parties no later than thirty days after selection. The mediator receives comments from each party no later than a fortnight before the meeting and provides a notice no later than forty-five days after his election. 4. On issues on which CARIFORUM signatories agree to act in concert, the CARIFORUM-CE Joint Council adopts decisions and recommendations agreed between the parties. For matters for which CARIFORUM signatory states are not prepared to act in concert, the adoption of a decision requires the approval of the Or of the signatory states concerned, the Cariforum.

2. If there is disagreement between the parties on the compatibility of a measure notified under paragraph 1 with the provisions of this agreement, the applicant may request in writing the arbitration panel to rule on the matter. This request identifies the specific measure at issue and explains how this measure is inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement. The arbitration court announces its decision within 90 days of filing the application. In the event of an emergency, including cases of perishable and seasonal products, the arbitration court will announce its decision within 45 days of filing the application. 2. In the absence of an agreement on compensation within 30 days of the expiry of the reasonable period or the Decision of the Article 212 Arbitration Panel that a compliance measure is not consistent with the provisions of this agreement, the complainant is entitled to take appropriate action after notification to the other party.


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