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Norwex Consultant Agreement

Norwex Consultant Agreement

It usually takes 3-4 parties to sell for $2000, which is about $670 a month. If you do not sell this amount, you will be charged $200, which is slightly less than the value of the starter kit. I recommend that advisors set aside the income from your first party (which is usually $200 or more) to pay for the kit, in case you don`t sell the 2000 $requis. The best way to learn more about Norwex products is to try them! If you register as a Norwex consultant, you will of course have access to training manuals and DVDs. Norwex also offers a variety of free webinars for consultants and the consultants website made available to you (your own!), has excellent training resources for both products as well as to place manorden and any other type of administrative training. Norwex consultants have a lot of freedom to decide where and how to sell their products. You can sell Norwex not only at home, but also… A few weeks ago, I was very excited to see a Facebook message from a member of my team who was looking for courses to explain why it`s so great to be an independent Norwex consultant when compared to what representatives of other direct selling companies have to do. Dawn Elizabeth Raney, a Norwex councillor, wrote that she had heard of people who wanted to become Norwex consultants, but were hesitant to make a formal commitment because they had worked in the direct distribution sector and had had negative experiences in the past. Norwex: Norwex does not ask you to recruit to maintain your status as an advisor. (However, recruiting brings you all kinds of free norwex goodies and helps your business thrive!) There are no monthly sales requirements. However, if you want to continue to receive a consultant discount, you must remain “current” – which means you sell US$250 in retail (or buy for your own use or for gifts) over a 6-month period.

Since you get a 35% discount on your purchases, it`s $162.50 every 6 months, or $27 a month. There are three types of consultants: products are delivered quickly from our warehouse and can be delivered directly to the hostess or advisor. Perhaps you would like to prepare some elements. Basics such as our budget package, laundry and body towels. I find that people often want to call me to pick up these items when they want to go out or give them away. Norwex is very easy to understand, but as a consultant, you are supposed to know and follow the rules. You will receive the full Norwex use form and the policy and procedure document before registration, and you should read them carefully, but in short, norwex advisor agrees… NORWEX: There are no nasty surprises with Norwex. As a Norwex advisor, you don`t need to spend your money to build an inventory.

Customers order their products at Norwex, not from the individual advisor. So a consultant doesn`t need to store the product. Norwex is my full-time job, and I am determined to help you succeed! It is my responsibility to keep you informed and to help you, as a Norwex consultant, set and achieve achievable goals. I lead one of the best teams in the U.S. (and the world), and we are a wonderful team to connect! We have a group of Norwex ethical consultants that are spread across the United States. All advisors at all levels of the dream team are supported by team emails, conference calls, webinars, monthly meetings, individual coaching calls and demintori on our team training and support site. Hello, Mary, a lot of consultants have been partying on Facebook. It`s a difficult situation when social distancing and Facebook holidays is a sure way to run your Norwex business 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions! Apart from the $9.99 HS, there are no upfront fees for norwex USA`s start-up, with the agreement that the new consultant will sell products worth $2,000 in the first 3 months.


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