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Mccc Transfer Agreements

Mccc Transfer Agreements

The MCCC is a quality and inexpensive springboard for students who wish to move to four-year university. Our students save thousands of dollars in tuition and tuition compared to what they would pay every four years at a university. Our faculty advisors will help you choose the right courses for your desired field of study and the four-year institution where you want a bachelor`s degree. Do you want to transfer your funds to Montco? You can transfer up to 45 college credits from another institution. 609-896-5042[email protected]Information request Siena Heights Transfer Brochure – Principal Campus Siena Heights – Main Campus organizes a virtual tour for transfer students interested in Adrian Campus programs. This meeting includes information on scholarships and scholarships in the academic areas of evaluation and equivalency of transfer credits, on new sports activities and majors, as well as general statistics and university information. For students who visit, apply and are accepted, I offer an incentive of $500, which will be visible in their financial assistance packages! For more information, please contact the Transferadmission Office at or 888-996-8747. To facilitate the transfer process, Montco has entered into agreements with a variety of private and public colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. Thanks to Montco`s partnership with more than 30 four-year-old institutions, a Montco employee will take care of most, if not all, of the necessary general education courses.

Our program-to-program agreements allow Montco graduates to move seamlessly to a four-year institution, often with junior status. ( Find out how your courses are broadcast to NJ colleges and universities. MCCC has a number of university and university partners who visit our campus to talk about all transfer opportunities for our students. For more information on upcoming visits, visit the Office of Admissions – Guidance Services. Your Mercer courses can be the first important step in obtaining your license. After Mercer`s visit, you can transfer course credits to another university or university and apply them to your license. You must apply to the transfer school and meet its access requirements. Step 1: You can begin your successful transfer journey by looking at possible schools and their needs, visiting free transfer workshops on campus and consulting your university advisor or transfer counsellor. In 2012, Michigan`s legislature inserted the language into the Community College`s endowments act, which advocates improving the portability of university courses between Michigan colleges and universities through the revision of the MACRAO agreement.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement was created to increase the portability of general training courses at a lower level in all Michigan public institutions. STEP 3: If you are about to graduate or if the time you have chosen for the transfer, you submit your application within the allotted time. If you have more specific questions or want a virtual appointment, send an email to agree on a virtual registration date. For more information on the transfer to the University of Oakland, visit: seamless transfer from Montco to one of these four-year partner schools These agreements provide accurate information about programs for future transfer students and their university advisors by establishing associated degree requirements and bachelor`s requirements. The agreements indicate the courses that students should take during their framework program in order to prepare for the Temple Bachelor program in which they wish to pass.


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