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Ethercat Master License Agreement

Ethercat Master License Agreement

No no. Compliance testing at an official EtherCAT test centre is optional, but your client may need a certificate of compliance that will not be issued in such a laboratory until after passing the test. However, you must ensure compliance by using the Official Compliance Testing Tool (TTC) at your research and development facilities. The TTC is licensed as a subscription to ensure the long-term maintenance and development of the tool with an annual contribution. For more details on compliance, click here: Compliance and Interoperability When you purchase an EtherCAT Slave (ESC) chip from one of the ESC vendors, the EtherCAT license is integrated into the chip. For EtherCAT slave device manufacturers, there is no additional EtherCAT licence fee, as it is mandatory for the ESC supplier to obtain this license. PROFINET: The PROFIBUS user organization (PNO) provides its members with source code and documentation for PROFINET (PROFINET execution software) implementations. Article 1.5 of the licensing agreement for this software gives PNO members the right to use five patents. POWERLINK: Powerlink code and slave code is available for free on an open source BSD license. The software stack is available on EtherNet/IP: Batteries are available from various service providers. An open source variant was developed by a university.

EtherCAT: Slavic implementations necessarily require an ASIC or a FPGA. The FPGA VHDL or IP code must be acquired from Beckhoff; No source code is available. The ETG provides an example of a source code for the main page. Since the patent holder has not accepted an open source licensing system, this source code is not considered open source. ASICs or FPGA code must be purchased for the slave The sample code can be used as the basis for EtherCAT`s master developments. No license is required for the development or sale of an EtherCAT Masters. The license agreement for the master example code governs the terms of use. SOEM is an EtherCAT Master library that you implement as a user of the EtherCAT Master.

The master`s degree is located between the EtherCAT Master Vendor and Beckhoff. Therefore, it cannot be included in the repository. The license file in SOEM mentioned that we need the master license provided by Beckhoff, which I could not find in the SOEM repository. I guess this is a license for the implementation of a free EtherCAT Masters in ETG F-Q 3.3. Maybe something like that? To apply for membership, please contact the ETG headquarters in by email. All necessary information, such as requirements. B and the membership application form are provided. Please inquire about the statutes before becoming a member of the group: ETG subscription and ETHE membership There is a license for the free implementation of a Masters EtherCAT – the contract requires compatibility, ensures that the license remains free and guarantees legal certainty. For slave devices, EtherCAT has adopted the CAN licensing model (CAN is an excellent example of standardized and patented technology): the low fee is “integrated” into the EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) chip, so that device manufacturers, end-users, system integrators, tool manufacturers, etc., do not have to pay a license. Yes, there are patents on EtherCAT technology, just as there are patents on any other field bus technology that is worth it.

Technologies with unique functionality require patents and licenses to protect them from copying or falsifying it. If you only want to support standard security via EtherCAT devices in the EtherCAT segment, you don`t need a security implementation in the Master. FSoE Master with the EtherCAT Slave interface are available and can be used as security logics. Only Slavic-to-Slavic communication must be supported by EtherCAT Master to transmit FSoE Master security data to FSoE Slaves and vice versa.


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