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Cosop Agreement

Cosop Agreement

If the reason for the change is not the transfer or transfer, an employer can still change the terms with the employee`s agreement. An employer may change the terms and conditions for a transfer-related reason, if there is an economic, technical or organizational reason (hereafter referred to as the ETO) that results in changes in the number, functions or workstation of staff. It is common for collective agreements to be entered into by the original employer and the remaining workers or by a union after a transfer, such as an agreement on future wages.B. Any collective agreement that the former employer entered into after the transfer does not apply to workers who were transferred prior to the agreement, unless they participated in that agreement. All collective agreements in the contracts are transferred, provided they were in effect prior to the transfer. They can be renegotiated after one year, provided the change is no less employee-friendly. Often there are discrepancies between companies as to who should transfer as part of a service change. The purchaser often informs an employee that he or she is inseminated so that the purchaser informs the employee that he has not done so. When a union is recognized prior to the transfer of an organized group of workers, the recognition of that association is also delegated, although the new employer may amend or terminate the agreement. 12.1.26 The provisions of the contract should provide for an enforceable obligation to the employer and its pension plan, which allows for a transfer at least as favourable as the original mass transfer contract. In this case, the potential transferor or the judicial administrator may agree to changes in the terms of employment associated with the transfer, even if there is no reason for the ETO. However, they can only do so if the amendment is intended to preserve employment and ensure the survival of the business or part of the business to be transferred.

To do so, they must also reach an agreement with the union or the elected representatives of the workers. 12.2.6 You must integrate the GAD actuarial system to agree the terms of a mass transfer agreement with the transfer system actuary. GAD will pay for this work. They must agree before a business transfer takes place. If this is not the case, this may require you to make additional payments to the Civil Superannuation Cabinet. 12.1.28 Once you make a decision leading to the mandatory transfer of staff with their work, which requires a mass transfer into the CSP agreements or outside the CSP agreement, you should contact us: there is no minimum period for the provision of this information and the duty to consult is only necessary if transfer-related measures are taken.


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