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Co Promotion Agreement

Co Promotion Agreement

Co-promotion agreements symbolize attractive options for less developed companies that want to control the purpose of their product, but these types of deal structures are much more complex than a company that assumes full responsibility for development and marketing. [6] These cooperation agreements therefore require comprehensive planning, detailed agreements and a number of key factors, such as: The agreement reinforces the Alliance`s commitment to the creation of a combined oncology distribution organization in key markets. In 2015, Merck received a refund related to the promotion of crizotinib, followed by an 80 percent (Pfizer), 20 percent (Merck) profit share on the product from 2016. The co-promotion deadline is December 31, 2020 for the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, and from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2021 in China and Turkey. Pfizer will report the sale of the drug in the countries where it is promoted jointly with Merck. With the rise of biotechnology over the past 20 years, licensing agreements have become an essential tool for pharmaceutical companies` efforts to maintain a healthy flow of products and access new technologies. As agreements have become more complex over the past decade, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are facing a series of difficult licensing decisions. Distribution of revenues and expenditures through the implementation of cost models. Financial factors, such as the distribution of advertising costs and costs, the number and quality of details, responsibility for training commercial agents, and monitoring and control of transportation costs should be covered.

[6] Co-promotion agreements are often used by pharmaceutical companies to improve the marketing and penetration of products in certain countries. [9] Since the 2000s, co-promotion has played an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Merck and Agens had an agreement to promote an anti-cancer drug, costing $17.5 million in advances and up to $11.5 million next year in milestone payments for the development of the prostate cancer drug AGS-PSCA. [6] In this agreement, Merck will be responsible for commercial production and global clinical development, while Agensys will be on an equal footing in these developments. In addition, Agensys will work to provide an anti-cancer drug at an earlier stage, with less risk through milestone payments.


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