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Buy Back Agreement Business In Madurai

Buy Back Agreement Business In Madurai

You`ve activated your membership plan. You have leash credits in your account. Do you want to contact this business opportunity now? Thank you for sharing your preferences and profile. You have introductory credits to connect to the companies of your choice. Do you want to contact this company now? I made 40, 000 cups and sent them to his office by Indian railroads. I also received rule 3,450/- 31.07.2012 by check and Rs. 4.160/- via my account on my account 30.08.2012. I really don`t know on what basis they calculated that amount and paid me. For 40, 000 cups, you`d have to pay me 9, 200 glasses. Agarbatti production company for sale in Madurai.

The activity has been in operation since 2015. The total production capacity is 200 kg per day. There are about 10 people working in the unit. The total number of machines is about 4. The products are delivered to Madurai and Karnataka. They are made available to the wholesale market. The price is INR 50 lakhs (including locals) You have not yet activated your membership plan. To get a link to companies that match your preferences, you subscribe now. On September 22, 2012, I called his office. She told me that she was a very powerful person in Delhi, and she also said that she had good contacts everywhere, and she also asked me to file appeal procedures at all police stations or a consumer court that she would not be interested in.

I`ve seen advertisements in TIMES OF INDIA, Bangalore say that “earn 2,000 /- sit a day at home by investing only Rs.75,000 /-” Update your membership plan in order to continue to connect with businesses and buyers/investors. On September 21, 2012, she dialled the call and yelled at me and also told me to do what I want, and she won`t send my payment or my down payment or raw materials. On September 8, 2012, I sent another 20,000 paper cups to Indian Railways` RS INTERNATIONAL office. Original parcel bill No. 245328 was sent to you the same day by Professional Couriers Empty No. BLR445058583. Your cell phone number is checked. Your message is sent after you have listed your purchase requests (lasts 2-3 minutes). Press the next button. .

Yesterday, that is, on September 27, 2012, I filed a complaint in CONSUMER COMPLAINTS – GRAHAK SEVA. In two hours, she learned this message about what I posted in consumer complaints. She asked me to delete my complaints and then speak. Telecon is arranged within 3 business days after receiving payment If I call 09871783939 or 09810702011, they never take the call. I called more than 60 times last week. I also sent text messages to the same numbers that they did not respond to. . MOBILE: 9810702011, 9871783939, 9910731111, 8527741114 If you have any questions, the Indiabiz support team will be happy to help.

Please fill in the information to receive the invoice in your registered email. Now I ask for your help to solve this problem. What am I supposed to do? I come from a poor family. I have two children who study in pre KG and 4th Standard. Your message will only be sent after checking your email ID. Please check your email. Press the next button. And they also promised me that the Rs. 10,000/- would be refunded with the paper cups I make, and that the raw materials worth 10,000 UK will be given to them with payment. I did not receive 10,000 prizes that I paid for the deposit or raw materials worth Rs.10,000/- . To the question about the companies R S INTERNATIONAL in Bangalore, the rest of Karnataka and also in Tamil Nadu. I learned that she was cheating on a lot of people like that.

When I saw this ad, I had transferred Rs.75,000/- online to his account on 04.06.2012 to purchase PAPER CUP MACHINE.


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