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Alternative Workweek Agreement Sample

Alternative Workweek Agreement Sample

[Enterprise] will not reduce the normal rate of pay for an employee in [indicating the work unit] as a result of acceptance, repeal or change to another weekly schedule. 5. When you offer a menu, let employees choose the schedules. Each staff member must choose a fixed calendar from the written menu. To simplify matters, let employees find their jobs according to the written agreement. The HR Management – Compliance: How to Complis with California Wage – Hour Law explains everything you need to know to stay in compliance with the state`s complex and ever-changing rules, laws and regulations in this area. Coverage of bonuses, meal and rest breaks, overtime, alternative work weeks, latest paychecks and more. Adopting an alternative weekly schedule can help you avoid daily overtime obligations if you follow the procedures set out in the new law. If you already have an alternative work week in place after January 1, 1998, your program must comply with the new law; If not, you will have to pay daily overtime from next year. An eight-step procedure follows that will help you follow the rules when adopting alternative work weeks.

Pacific Employers has also added several model forms to simplify the process. I vote for the alternative work week described above. I understand that I am not entitled to the payment of daily overtime if this timetable is adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the workers concerned, unless I work hours beyond that schedule. [Companies] offers the alternative work week that is scheduled regularly: [specify the schedule, including the days of the week and the specific times of the day]. [Enterprise] proposes the following alternative work plan [or a menu with work schedule options from which each employee can choose to choose]: [Indicate specific days of the week and hours of work per day; The duration of unpaid food breaks and, if applicable, a timetable for each position. 1. Identify the work units to be obtained. An alternative work week must apply to a declared work unit. Existing rules define a work unit as a separate division, division, command classification, position or location. In some situations, even a single employee can be qualified as a work unit.

8. Accommodation for staff, if necessary. Every employee in the work unit is subject to the new weekly labour agreement, even if they voted against it. However, the employer must strive to agree on a timetable that does not exceed eight hours per day for workers who have the right to vote, but cannot continue to work on the new schedule. And you need to explore shelters for workers whose religious beliefs or observations conflict with the calendar. If, after the election, an employee who is not able to work the alternative schedule, you are allowed, but not necessary, to make accommodation for the person. 4. Make an election by secret ballot. Workers must ratify the agreement by secret ballot by a two-thirds majority. 3. Contact the workers.


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